Tips For Saving Your Energy Dollars

Door Fan Test your home. This will allow a qualified technician to calculate where your heat loss is occurring, and recommend how to save your energy dollars. Proper testing will also ensure that your home is within safe limits to protect against back drafting carbon monoxide infiltration.

Enlist the services of a trained energy retrofit contractor who is experienced in building science, and how your home inter-relates as a system.

Smooth 4” Ducting on your dryer will allow your dryer to run cooler, and extend its operating life, while saving you money.

Check your furnace filters. Should you have an oil or gas unit, ensure that a technician has done a yearly service to save your fuel consumption, and energy dollars.

Draft proofing. Eliminating drafts eliminates wasted dollars.

Install Vinyl Powersmart Approved Windows. Specifically ask for certified windows. Save money by eliminating excess drafts as many wood windows allow, or cold/hot transfer as aluminum windows permit.
Low E/Argon Glass sealed units will save you money by doubling your window’s thermal efficiency, while significantly reducing the hot sun and UV damage during the summer months, and creating greater comfort during the winter months. Roughly 25% of your energy dollars are lost though your windows. Invest in quality vinyl windows, and save for years to come.
Increase your insulation. Save money by increasing your attic insulation to an R40 minimum (a depth of 11+ inches). Roughly 50% of your energy dollars go up, but 25% may be also lost through your floor. Properly adding R28 to an uninsulated floor will increase your comfort, and save you money.
Save money and effort using Powersmart Approved digitally programmed thermostats. Accurate thermostats save your energy dollars by reducing the temperature while you’re away or in bed, while also bringing your home up to temperature just in time for your arrival.
10 times more energy in your doorway. Insulated steel doors may be ten times more energy efficient than your old wood one. Installing a new insulated steel or fiberglass door will save your energy dollars, and eliminate a cold spot.
Reduce moisture using Proper Ventilation. When coupled with a dehumidistat control, and exhausted outside, proper ventilation will reduce moisture in your home, and save you money. Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) will save you even more money, when it recaptures your exhausting energy dollars, and transfers them to your incoming fresh air.