Stress Free Reno

Tips For A Stress-Free and Enjoyable Renovation


Alleviate Stress by:

Being prepared. Allow one or two months lead time prior to your desired date of commencement.

Carefully select a renovator who has a good reputation, is a member of the BBB and professional trade associations, and is dedicated to ongoing educational support. Find a reputable renovator, and trust in their professional recommendations.

Engage the services of a professional designer or architect who your renovator works closely with. You’ll be glad to have a dimension plan that gives you a clearer picture of your finished project.

Build realistic time frames for your project. Be prepared for several additional weeks of time to put the finishing touches on your new renovation.

Include those finishing touches and features you’ve waited so long for. You’ll be living with your choices for a long time to come. (Think how much easier your life will be with ready access to the back of the drawers, because you upgraded to full extension slides now.)

Create a realistic budget based upon your renovator’s recommendations, which are based upon your needs and vision.

Be patient. A successful and great renovation always takes time. Time is what makes the difference in both final cost, and quality.

Leave your home during the renovation’s messy part. Remove pictures and fragile items.

Take before pictures. A renovation is like watching your children grow up. A picture will make you remember how small they were only a short time ago, and appreciate what they’ve become in so short a time!

Bonus Money saving tips:

Save Money by sticking to your original plan. Extras or changes will always add cost to your project. (which can add up quickly!)

Save Money by investing in good quality materials, that will last longer, and give greater satisfaction.