Tips for Better Bathroom Design

Save time and frustration, consult a professional renovator and designer.

Build the bathroom to match your lifestyle and usage. Make it yours.

Create warmth and style using colour

Create more space between sinks, showers and toilets. A smaller cabinet, or pedestal sink may help your bathroom’s accessibility.

Plan for the future. Now could be the time to incorporate seating into your shower.

Use pot lights combined with wall sconces to give better lighting for makeup application by eliminating dark areas and shadows.

Access natural light using Sun scopes or skylights while making your bathroom look brighter and larger.

Enjoy in-floor heat under tile floors, while saving space and creating room in your bathroom.

Make it easy to clean. Acrylic fiberglass products are easier to clean, and last longer than gel-gloss units.

Have a deeper, more comfortable bath in an acrylic soaker tub.

All bathtubs should have an integral flange when used in a shower configuration.

Increase the life of your tile. Hire a professional who utilizes the best adhesives, acrylic modified grouts and sealers.

Windows in showers require special attention, and should have a waterproof membrane applied to a waterproof substrate such as Denshield or Hardiboard, on all joints and screw heads.

Use Quality accessories to impact and improve your enjoyment of your new bathroom.

Cabinetry specifically made for your bathroom will last longer, fit your floor plan better, and provide greater storage.

Quality shower doors will keep the water contained within your shower, and save your floor from damage.

Create the feeling of a large bathroom using mirror, and clear glass shower doors.

Reduce cleanup on powder coated taps and shower doors as they show less watermarking, and require less polishing.

Reduce and eliminate mold with proper ventilation and humidity control. A good fan should have a noise level of 1 sonne or less, and be governed by both a de-humidistat and timer.

Humidity should be exhausted through the roof with 5” insulated ducting, or through your exterior wall.

Install a longer lasting ceramic sink. Quality fixtures will last longer and perform better.

Reduce your water costs by $75/year with a water saving toilet.

Bonus Tip:

Do everything at once! Doing a partial renovation is like getting a new paint job on your car, while still having rusty chrome on the wheels and dings on the bumpers. Do everything at once, and consult a professional renovator!