Check that your kitchen range hood and bathroom fans are actually venting to the outside. Air circulation will make a dramatic difference.

Reduce humidity by 40% through the installation of a dehumidistat control and timer on your bathroom fan.

Ensure that you have new ultra quiet (1 sonne or less) fans installed, so you’re not disturbed. You’re less likely to use your kitchen range hood if it sounds like a jet taking off!

Upgrade your windows. Eliminate single pane and aluminum windows, and install new Powersmart Approved vinyl windows with energy efficient Low E glass. Soft coat Low E with argon gas, will double your standard sealed units insulative efficiency.

Maintain heat in problem rooms. Moisture condenses more readily in colder atmospheres.

Bonus tip:

Have your home tested with a door fan depressurization test. Some homes are choking for adequate air, and only a scientific calculation will give you a qualified opinion as to whether you require additional fresh air venting, or draft proofing.