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Anatomy of a Bathroom Renovation

You’ve probably wondered about the process for a bathroom renovation. It’s actually very complicated, as many components inter-relate in different ways. Cabinets, lighting, counter surfaces, fixtures, floor covering, paint, windows, trims, hardware and accessories, floor plan, function, moisture, ventilation, insulation, water sealing, heating, colours, tile and so forth. There are many considerations, which all impact …

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Check that your kitchen range hood and bathroom fans are actually venting to the outside. Air circulation will make a dramatic difference. Reduce humidity by 40% through the installation of a dehumidistat control and timer on your bathroom fan. Ensure that you have new ultra quiet (1 sonne or less) fans installed, so you’re not …

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Tips for Better Bathroom Design

Save time and frustration, consult a professional renovator and designer. Build the bathroom to match your lifestyle and usage. Make it yours. Create warmth and style using colour Create more space between sinks, showers and toilets. A smaller cabinet, or pedestal sink may help your bathroom’s accessibility. Plan for the future. Now could be the …

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Tips For Saving Your Energy Dollars

Door Fan Test your home. This will allow a qualified technician to calculate where your heat loss is occurring, and recommend how to save your energy dollars. Proper testing will also ensure that your home is within safe limits to protect against back drafting carbon monoxide infiltration. Enlist the services of a trained energy retrofit …

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Stress Free Reno

Tips For A Stress-Free and Enjoyable Renovation   Alleviate Stress by: Being prepared. Allow one or two months lead time prior to your desired date of commencement. Carefully select a renovator who has a good reputation, is a member of the BBB and professional trade associations, and is dedicated to ongoing educational support. Find a …

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Helpful Hints Tips for a Stress Free Renovation Saving Your Energy Dollars Hiring the Ideal Renovator Better Bathroom Design Designing a Better Kitchen Environment Conquering Mold on Your Windows Anatomy of a Bathroom Renovation


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About Us

A family with a long history in business and the construction industry, the company was formed as R. E. Miller Builder and Contractor, when Rudolf Miller emigrated from Europe and started his company. The business specialized in commercial and residential construction, with crews ranging up to 80 men. E. H. Miller, the second generation, ran …

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